Railroads were the key that unlocked the 20th Century.

Discover how we're celebrating and saving our railroad heritage

Railways played a key role in the development of communities across the United States and Canada and throughout the world. Railway museums and tourist railroads interpret this exciting and pivotal history, and provide an opportunity for the public to experience rail travel as it once was.

HeritageRail Alliance fosters the development and operation of these unique preservation efforts through education, research, and the free exchange of information among members.





Book review: Wheat Country Railroad

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor Publishing is an under-appreciated, fundamental part of railway preservation. Thank goodness there's so much of it. I persist in my strongly held belief that no…

Breaking the 1971 barrier

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor For many, railroading became much less interesting after Amtrak Day in 1971. With a few exceptions, the privately operated passenger train disappeared. The 70s saw…

Progress in Como

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor If you're planning a Colorado narrow gauge trip, there's a new must-see to add to your itinerary. It's the oldĀ Denver, South Park & Pacific division…