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Book review: Wheat Country Railroad

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor Publishing is an under-appreciated, fundamental part of railway preservation. Thank goodness there's so much of it. I persist in my strongly held belief that no…

Breaking the 1971 barrier

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor For many, railroading became much less interesting after Amtrak Day in 1971. With a few exceptions, the privately operated passenger train disappeared. The 70s saw…

Progress in Como

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor If you're planning a Colorado narrow gauge trip, there's a new must-see to add to your itinerary. It's the old Denver, South Park & Pacific division…


Shore Line rebuilds its motors

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Shore Line Trolley Museum is still recovering from the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. Motors under many cars were contaminated with salt water. However, there has been considerable progress rebuilding…

Background checks for volunteers?

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor Should people who want to volunteer at a railway museum have to pass a background check? They now do at the Feather River Rail Society's…

Recent completed restorations

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The completed restorations keep coming. Here are some passenger cars. Canadian Pacific colonist car #1202 at Calgary Heritage Park The colonist car's interior Everett Railroad ex-Jersey Central coach #1194  …


Meet Wattrain

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By Stefano Benazzo, President of Wattrain History of Wattrain The idea of an association gathering individuals and entities from all over Europe with the aim of fostering Heritage Railways was…

HRA’s Fall Santa Fe conference

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By Don Evans, West Coast Railway Association and HRA Board Member Photos by the author unless noted. The annual conference of HeritageRail Alliance is always something that this writer looks…

More on HRA’s annual awards

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor and Awards Committee Chair Every year at the Fall conference banquet, the HeritageRail Alliance presents awards to recognize the best of railway preservation. Previous posts…


Leaders for the 21st Century

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Every current member of the Board of Directors will tell you that our biggest organizational concern is succession.  We’re all getting older.  Many of the Directors will not seek another…