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Visiting small Tennessee museums

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By Thomas Dyrek Over spring break in 2017 my family and I took a trip to Tennessee to visit Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and other places. We stopped at several…

Decision making in a museum

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By Peter Midnight, Pacific Locomotive Association Reproduced with permission from the PLA's Club Car newsletter, this story struck the HRA editor as a practical description about how decision making really…

CP colonists cars and the restoration of #1202

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By Douglas R. Phillips Reproduced with permission from Canadian Rail, the publication of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association On September 20, 2018 Heritage Park in Calgary rolled out from its…


Help Wanted: Rail Events Licensing Manager

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 Rail Events Incorporated Job Posting  If you are looking for an opportunity to work on unique and exciting events across the country, that provide families memories that will last a…

Inside 757’s move to Ohio

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By Dwayne Fuehring, Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum Reproduced with permission from the Caboose Cable newsletter. Over the past 6 months to a year, there’s a question I’ve had…

Railway Heritage Park buys BC Rail Squamish shops

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By Don Evans, West Coast Railway Association It has been a long time in the works, but as of today, West Coast Railway Association now owns the former BC Rail…


Take the HeritageRail group purchasing survey

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A recent post reported that HeritageRail Alliance is looking into the idea of group purchasing of materials and services on behalf of its member museums and tourist railroads. The theory…

HeritageRail Alliance to explore group purchasing

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By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor With the merger of ARM and TRAIN completed, followed by a rebranding as the HeritageRail Alliance, HRA has turned its attention to program initiatives. It…

Meet Wattrain

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By Stefano Benazzo, President of Wattrain History of Wattrain The idea of an association gathering individuals and entities from all over Europe with the aim of fostering Heritage Railways was…


Leaders for the 21st Century

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Every current member of the Board of Directors will tell you that our biggest organizational concern is succession.  We’re all getting older.  Many of the Directors will not seek another…