PTM MUs Red Arrow cars

By Bill Monaghan, Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys

Can You Say MU?

After dinner on June 1, 2018, the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum volunteers had a surprise for railfans who were attending the Western Pennsylvania Trolley Meet. Red Arrow/SEPTA cars 14 and 24 pulled into Richfol platform in multiple unit (MU). The last time these cars were MU was before 1982. Since Car 24 was in storage for a lengthy period, it required some work to return it to operating condition for this event.  This is a small list of what was completed: changed coupler, made new coupler connection block, fixed stuck valve on compressor, and fixed horn piping. This would not have been possible without the volunteers; we thank Laura Wells, Kevin Zebley, Jeff King and Justin Skrbin.

The Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys gave a $500 grant to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum towards the preservation of Red Arrow Lines/SEPTA Car #24 on Saturday, June 2, 2018.  This grant recognizes the efforts of a group of volunteers at PTM who have recently taken on this project and returned the car to operating condition and provides a funding base for further efforts in the future.

FPT’s Directors are interested in continuing to support to this project. Just think of the impact if everyone on this email would send FPT $5 (or more) towards this car. Grants provided to museums for projects like this enable opportunities for matching grants from other organizations, which can lead to doubling of the money contributed by FPT.

Our mailing address is: FPT. Inc., P.O. Box 33397, Philadelphia, PA 19142.

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