Car 265’s last Como-Harriet photos

By December 16, 2018 HeritageRail News

On December 4 the Minnesota Streetcar Museum swapped streetcars between its two lines in the Twin Cities. Twin City Rapid Transit #1239 (TCRT 31st Street Shops 1907) was trucked from the museum’s Excelsior Streetcar Line to the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line in Minneapolis. To make room at Como-Harriet, Duluth Street Railway #265 (TCRT Snelling Shops 1915) was moved from Como-Harriet to Excelsior.

Why the moves? Car 1239 needs its trucks overhauled and the Como-Harriet shop is better equipped for that. The relocations will be permanent, placing the three former Twin City cars at Como-Harriet and the two former Duluth cars at Excelsior.

Local railfans Steve Glischinski and Bob Ball chartered #265 for a last night photo shoot before the move. The results are pretty striking.

No. 265 was built by Twin City Rapid Transit in December 1915 as their first No. 1791. It was sold to the Duluth Street Railway in May 1916 and renumbered 265. It operated in Duluth until the city’s streetcar system was abandoned in 1939. The car was then sold and converted into a summer cabin in Solon Springs, Wis. In 1973 the car body was moved from Solon Springs to St. Paul for restoration by the museum, and entered service at Como-Harriet in 1982. Steve Glischinski photo.

At the Linden Hills depot. Bob Ball photo.

Under the Berry Road bridge. The bridge dates from 1900 and was the first reinforced concrete arch in Minnesota. Steve Glischinski photo.

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