Vintage NYC subway car excursion

By August 25, 2019Photo section

By Ron Yee (thanks to Bill Wall for sharing it)

On Sunday August 18, 2019, the NY Transit Museum operated an excursion train utilizing the three car consist of former Brooklyn Rapid Transit BU Elevated cars which once operated over the Myrtle Avenue elevated line from Jay Street to Metropolitan Avenue.  A combined train of 4 R-1/9’s (100, 381, 1000 and 1802) and 3 BU’s came out of 207 Street Yard and picked up its excursion passengers at Essex Street on the J line in Manhattan and operated over the Williamsburg Bridge to the middle track at 111 Street.

Combined consist coming off the Williamsburg Bridge.

There, the train was split, allowing the BU’s to operate independently along the Jamaica Elevated.

BU’s between Chauncey and Halsey Street.

The R1-9 train ran separately on the J el, chasing the BU’s at Halsey Street.

For operational reasons (the BU’s being wooden elevated cars) a 4 car set of 1930’s R-1/9 IND subway cars trailed the train wherever it operated independently.  The 2 trains operated westward to Myrtle Avenue where they changed ends and then went north on the Myrtle Avenue elevated to Metropolitan Avenue where both crew and passengers had a lunch break of just over an hour.

Old and new meet at Hewes Street.

The 2 vintage trains laid up at Fresh Pond Yard during this time.  Afterward, the trains returned to Metropolitan Avenue to pick up the passengers and operated south out back to Myrtle Avenue.  3 runs of the BU’s were operated between Myrtle Avenue and Marcy Avenue stations on the middle track before the R-1/9’s were coupled back onto the BU’s for the run back to Manhattan.

BU’s at Marcy Avenue.

BU’s approach Central Avenue on the Myrtle elevated.

The R1-9 train, same location.

At Seneca Avenue.

As far as I know, the passengers were discharged at the Essex Street station on the J line before the train deadheaded back to 207 Street Yard.

The combined train headed back to Manhattan near Hewes Street.

I left the fantrip chase after the combined train passed through Lorimer Street on its way back to Manhattan.