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By March 7, 2021March 9th, 2021HeritageRail News

By Aaron Isaacs, HRA editor

Until 2016 HeritageRail Alliance published a quarterly print magazine. We moved it online that year to reduce costs and hopefully reach a larger and younger readership. However, there have been lingering doubts about the decision and there’s no question that many of our readers missed holding a print magazine in their hands.

This year the HRA Board decided to discontinue the online blog magazine and revive the quarterly print magazine. The first issue will appear about July 1. Effective now, no new posts will be added to the online magazine, with one exception. The Progress Reports list of active restoration and capital projects will continue as an online feature.

The print magazine will be called the HeritageRail Journal. It will be published quarterly, on or about January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Each member museum or railroad will receive 8 copies, mailed to the addresses of your choice. Commercial members will receive two copies. They can go to your office, or you can designate that they be mailed directly to the homes of your directors, volunteers or employees. It’s your call. Send your list of addresses to HRA Executive Director Lynette Rickman at contact@heritagerail.org by June 1.

We’ll sell individual subscriptions for $20 per year. Once again, email Lynette Rickman at contact@heritagerail.org to subscribe.

We’ll sell full page, half page and quarter page ads in the new magazine. Here’s the advertising rate sheet. To purchase ads, email Lynette Rickman at contact@heritagerail.org.

As before, classified ads such as Help Wanted will be free to HRA members.

The purpose of the HeritageRail Journal is to track railway preservation across North America, keep you up to date on best practices and share news that’s important to our industry. As always, we want to hear what’s happening at your place. Feel free to contact me at aaronmona@aol.com.

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